Our Vision

To make Greater Manchester a hostile environment for those who seek to benefit from all forms of organised crime.

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Our Objectives

The Home Office and National Crime Agency endorse the “Four P” approach to tackling serious organised crime: Prepare, Prevent, Pursue and Protect. A fifth P, “Partnership” is embedded across everything that Programme Challenger does. Our stated partnership objectives are as follows:

1. Prepare

  • Programme Challenger will PREPARE the Greater Manchester partnership to tackle serious organised crime by:
  • Ensuring that information and intelligence about organised criminal activity is shared quickly and effectively between all relevant organisations.
  • Functioning effectively with input from all responsible agencies from the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Reporting regularly on performance to senior leaders and officers across the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.
  • Ensuring each borough of Greater Manchester has an organised crime problem profile and partnership delivery plan. 
  • Assisting all Greater Manchester community safety partnerships and local safeguarding boards in understanding and tackling the problem of organised crime at a local level.
  • Seeking to improve its understanding of the experiences of victims of organised crime. 
  • Coordinating partnership weeks of action at key times throughout the year. 
  • Capturing and sharing learning from effective practice with all key partners. 

2. Prevent

  • Programme Challenger will seek to PREVENT organised criminal activity from taking place by:
  • Ensuring effective communication with the public and professionals through a high quality publicity campaign.
  • Having a strong presence online and through social media.
  • Providing education to children and young people in schools and through youth partner organisations about the dangers of serious organised crime.
  • Providing high quality training to frontline staff across a range of partner organisations.
  • Commissioning prevention programmes to deter people from involvement in organised crime.
  • Working more effectively with offenders in prisons and in the community to reduce the risk of further offending and the subsequent harm caused by serious organised crime.
  • Working in partnership with HMRC and Border Force to reduce, disrupt and manage the risk of Foreign National offending.

3. Pursue

  • Programme Challenger will use all of its powers to PURSUE people involved in serious organised crime by:
  • Undertaking disruption activity with known organised crime groups.
  • Targeting organised economic crime and fraud.
  • Working with Immigration Enforcement and Border Force to target offences involving the illegal movement of people or goods into or out of Greater Manchester.
  • Using the full complement of tools and powers available to all organisations with regulatory power.
  • Seizing money from organised crime groups through the proceeds of crime act (2002)
  • Working closely with Probation to support the appropriate use of prison release and recall.
  • Deploying the most advanced tactics and specialised staff against those crime groups who pose the highest risk to our communities.
  • Sharing the learning in relations to effective practice for disruption and enforcement activity with all key partners.

4. Protect

  • Programme Challenger will PROTECT our communities from the harm caused by serious organised crime by:
  • Providing support to victims of trafficking and organised crime.
  • Ensuring that the National Referral Mechanism and Duty to Notify are being used appropriately and comprehensively.
  • Protecting children and vulnerable adults from criminal exploitation.
  • Designing and delivering services that better meet the needs of victims.
  • Ensuring that "Threats to Life" notices are used effectively and proportionately.
  • Support the effective use of Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).
  • Working towards an improved safeguarding response to complex cases.
  • Improving the response to technology-enabled child safeguarding issues.
  • Identifying potential victims of trafficking and modern slavery at Manchester Airport and putting appropriate safeguarding in place.

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