Identifying Victims of Modern Slavery:


Helping victims of modern slavery
National Referral Mechanism (NRM)


The NRM was introduced in 2009 and is the official nationally recognised system for identifying a victim of modern slavery in the UK. The NRM provides support and a 45 minimum day reflection period for the victim if certain conditions are met. In order for a potential victim to access the NRM this must be initially referred by an authorised agency, known as a First Responder.

The table below shows all current First Responders.

Police Forces NCA (National Crime Agency) Home Office Border Force Home Office Immigration
Home Office UKVI (VIsas and Immigration) GLAA (Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority) Local Authorities Health and Social Care Trusts (Northern Ireland)
Salvation Army Poppy Project Migrant Help Medaille Trust
Kalayaan Barnardos Unseen TARA Project (Scotland)
NSPCC (CTAC) BAWSO New Pathways Refugee Council

Please click here to find out more about the NRM from the official NCA page here:

Please click here to download the latest NRM template and Guidance from the official government website  

Duty To Notify (DTN / MS1 Form)

Many victims themselves do not identify as victims or realise the situation they are in is exploitative and equates to modern slavery. For this reason the official numbers provided by the NRM do not adequately reflect the true scale of modern slavery in Greater Manchester (and indeed the rest of the UK). As a result the DTN was introduced in November 2015 to help plug the gap of those potential victims that fit within this criteria. The NRM figures in addition to the DTN figures should therefore give a more accurate overview of the scale of modern slavery in Greater Manchester and ultimately within the UK. It is important to note that DTN referrals can be completely anonymous so no personally identifying details of the potential victim have to be shared.

Please click here to to locate the DTN / MS1 form along with guidance on the official government website  

ICTA (Independent Child Trafficking Advocates)

In addition to the NRM and DTN outlined above, any child that has been subject to modern slavery must be referred to the ICTA service provided by Barnardo's that was set up  in 2014/2015. The benefits of the ICTA service have been invaluable in supporting children and could support in reducing missing and re-trafficking.

Please click here for full details and how to refer into ICTA or for further advice on the official Barnardo's website  

 Additional Help / Guidance

In addition to the official guidance and links provided above, if you would like to discuss any aspects of the NRM / DTN please feel free to use the contact section of this website and a member of the team will be in touch. 

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