We want to be able to support a wide range of practitioners who are currently playing their part in tackling serious and organised crime.

This takes many forms, and covers many specialisms and disciplines, including safeguarding, community safety, trading standards, mental health and social care, to name a few. By better informing you as a practitioner around trends, threats and models of serious and organised crime, we can better equip the workforce across Greater Manchester, and beyond.

We need practitioners to be the eyes and ears for communities, as well as delivering the excellent work they do to contribute to tackling organised crime.Practitioners will have access to a range of communities, individuals and spaces, and when we consider the totality of this, we can not only start to spot more of the signs of serious organised crime and exploitation, but put more meaningful interventions and disruptions in place, because we will be better informed of the whole picture of serious and organised crime.

The information contained on these pages will give you the knowledge and awareness about this type of criminality to enable you to be better equipped, and to be better informed about what your service or agency can do to tackle and disrupt it.


What we do

Under Programme Challenger there are various teams or projects which  seek to target a specific aspect of serious organised crime, which are as follows: Programme Challenger is Greater Manchester’s partnership response to serious and organised crime. We...

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These pages are designed for practitioners and concerned members of the public.  Please click on the relevant page that you need. ...

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Our Vision and 4Ps

Our Vision To make Greater Manchester a hostile environment for those who seek to benefit from all forms of organised crime. Prepare the partnership to tackle organised crime Do everything we can to prevent organised criminal activity Use all our powers to...

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Challenger Timeline

Programme Challenger achievements to date 2013 Launch of Programme Challenger 2014 Operational Challenger teams set up in all 10 districts of Greater Manchester Every organised crime group in Greater Manchester mapped, risk assessed and assigned a disruption...

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Challenger Strategy

Foreword by Baroness Beverley Hughes and Councillor Tamoor Tariq We are pleased to introduce this strategy which sets out how, through the ground- breaking Programme Challenger, we intend to tackle serious and organised crime in all its forms in Greater Manchester....

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