Programme Challenger's approach to tackling serious organised crime

Under Programme Challenger there are various teams or projects which
 seek to target a specific aspect of serious organised crime, which are as follows:

Programme Challenger is Greater Manchester’s partnership response to serious and organised crime. We are made up of many different agencies, who all work together to support the relentless pursuit of disrupting serious and organised crime, as well as reducing risk to vulnerable people and stopping people becoming victims in the first place. It brings together expertise from across a variety of public, private and voluntary sector organisations to share information and insight and appropriately target resources and activity. To enable the wider partnership, there are dedicated resources that provide centralised, multi-agency coordination and support to the whole system in Greater Manchester to tackle serious and organised crime. It provides capacity and capabilities not held locally to enhance provision and enables the strategic aims and objectives of Challenger to be delivered.

This is what they do:

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Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery Coordination Unit In recognition that crimes of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation were growing in Greater Manchester, the multi-agency   Modern Slavery Coordination Unit was launched, as a trial, as part of Programme Challenger in...

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Organised Crime

The Organised Crime Coordination Unit has the main responsibility for tackling organised crime groups in Greater Manchester.  It comprises police detectives and police staff working alongside partner agencies and its primary purpose is to gather information...

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Foreign National Offenders

Managing and Deporting Foreign National Offenders There are occasions when foreign nationals who have committed serious criminal offences in their home country or in other countries outside of the UK, make attempts to come to the UK to live, work or for the purpose...

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Offender Management

As part of a process to reduce re – offending, help offenders rehabilitate and frustrate those involved in organised crime, GMP are working with partners in a new initiative entitled the Lifetime Offender Management programme. This programme sees officers from GMP...

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Economic Crime

Economic Crime Programme Challenger works closely with the Greater Manchester Police  Economic Crime Unit (ECU) to develop responses to economic crime.  Economic crime affects the public, communities and businesses in various ways. Economic crime...

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Criminal Exploitation (Trapped)

Look here to found out more about child and vulnerable adult criminal exploitation....

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Responding to the problem of organised crime is not solely the responsibility of the police and the criminal justice system.

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