Economic Crime

Programme Challenger works closely with the Greater Manchester Police
 Economic Crime Unit (ECU) to develop responses to economic crime. 

The Cyber and Economic Crime Awareness Service (CECAS) was created in 2017 due to the large numbers of fraud and cybercrime victims being recorded nationally, but not locally, so were hidden from usual crime recording standards. The service was piloted in Greater Manchester Police with the view of rolling out regionally and works closely with Action Fraud, National Economic Crime Victim Care Unit (NEVCVU), the banking sector and third-party support agencies to provide advice and support to vulnerable victims of fraud as well as those identified as potential future victims. 

The CECAS and volunteers contact victims every day by telephone and give out fraud prevention material. They also organise community events to spread the prevention message. As a service, victims can be signposted to relevant services and referred to Victim Support.

Economic crime significantly affects the public, communities and businesses. Specialist investigators tackle serious and organised crime by hitting offenders where it hurts most, taking away money and assets obtained through significant criminality. They also provide key prevention activity and advice to victims, making it more difficult for criminals to gain financially from this criminality. 

You can contact Victim Support personally by telephone on 0845 30 30 900 or by visiting VictimSupport

If you feel you may benefit from these services or wish to discuss or have a visit from our team, please contact us on 0161 856 4120 or

The phone number is available 24 hours a day with an answer phone service if you need to call us outside of these hours.

The service is free, confidential and provides independent support and practical help to victims, witnesses and family members.

Victim Services - Greater Manchester Victims' Services also provide a wealth of online information to support victims and their families  GMVictims

Top tips and up to date information on how to avoid current Frauds and Scams are available from the following organisations:

Get Safe Online

Action Fraud

Friends Against Scams

For the latest Update (01/06/2021 - Please click here Money Mules

Download the latest Scam Newsletter Here

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