Challenger works closely with partners to support research that furthers our understanding of serious and organised crime in all it's forms.  You can download these and other reports focusing on serious and organised crime here.

Challenger and partner reports

Stop The Traffik - Homelessness and exploitation: Understanding the drivers of exploitation for people experiencing homelessness, and approaches for prevention

In 2019/2020, Stop the Traffik conducted research on the ways in which people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping had been subjected to exploitation, or seen it happen to other people.  This report highlights some of the key issues and proposes ways in which organisations can take action to reduce risk.

Download the full report here

Download the Executive Summary here

Download the one page quick reference here  

New Step for African Community (Nestac) - Domestic Servitude: A veiled modern slavery trend

We started working with Nestac to explore how we could support community conversations to raise awareness of domestic servitude.  When they started delivering sessions with women, they uncovered lived experiences of domestic servitude and disclosed the links with domestic abuse.  They also shared the ways in which services could better meet their needs.

Download the full report here

Justice and Care

We are grateful in Greater Manchester to be able to have an embedded Justice and Care Victim Navigator supporting victims, part of a network of navigators, staff and organisations that work directly with survivors.  In 2020, Justice and Care published their 'It Still Happens Here' report, exploring the progress that had been made in the UK in the five years since the Modern Slavery Act was published.  In February 2022, they published 'A Path to Freedom and Justice: a new vision for supporting victims of modern slavery', exploring the recovery journey for adult victims from point of identification.

Download It Still Happens Here

Download A Path to Freedom 


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