URGENT UPDATE: In response to the conflict in Ukraine and the opening of the Homes for Ukraine visa scheme in the UK, the anti-slavery and trafficking sector have worked collaboratively to develop and make available resources to highlight, mitigate and prevent the risk of trafficking and exploitation for those using the scheme. If you are supporting Ukrainians through this scheme, you can access available resources at Ukraine Response — Human Trafficking Foundation

It is important that members of our communities across Greater Manchester have an understanding of what could be going on in their local area and how they can spot the signs of criminality that could be happening.

This website is to raise awareness and offer advice to members of the public who require more information about Modern Slavery, Organised Crime, and children/vulnerable adults subject to exploitation, particularly linked to drug dealing. We want to make sure that you are able to help your local community by knowing what to look out for, and knowing what you can do to take action. You can even do this anonymously if you do see anything that doesn’t look right. Trust your instincts and report it.

The information contained on the pages will give you the knowledge and awareness about these types of crimes which are so often hidden in the community.We’re asking you to join us in helping to bring this out into the open, and tackle the individuals and networks that are committing serious and organised crime in your area.

What we do

Under Programme Challenger there are various teams or projects which  seek to target a specific aspect of serious organised crime, which are as follows: Programme Challenger is Greater Manchester’s partnership response to serious and organised crime. We are...

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Under Programme Challenger there are teams on each District to tackle serious and organised crime. Please see below for information on each area About Greater Manchester Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county in the North West of England, with a...

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Ways To Help Your Community

There are various ways that you can help your community.   The Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch scheme in Greater Manchester are a partnership where people come together to make their communities safer. Neighbourhood/Home Watch are voluntary, independent,...

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