Managing and Deporting
Foreign National Offenders

There are occasions when foreign nationals who have committed serious criminal offences in their home country or in other countries outside of the UK, make attempts to come to the UK to live, work or for the purpose of criminality.

Advenus is a joint programme between Greater Manchester Police, Immigration Enforcement and Border Force to tackle the most serious foreign national offenders. Programme Challenger is committed to identifying any such offenders that live or spend time in Greater Manchester and take appropriate action against these individuals, including seizing financial assets gained from criminality, and deportation.

We are committed to identifying offenders that live or spend time in Greater Manchester.

What does this look like in practice?

In 2015, a Romanian National was deported from the UK due to his criminality overseas. He had served a 21-year prison sentence for murder, as well as amassing six other convictions including robbery. It was deemed that he posed a risk to the UK public. Several years later an officer from Greater Manchester Police’s Road Traffic Unit stopped the driver of a vehicle in Crumpsall, as it had no insurance policy. The officer took a snapshot of the driver’s national ID card and provided it to the Advenus team. Advenus conducted checks with the Romanian authorities and discovered that he was in fact the Romanian national who had previously been deported from the UK. He had returned to Romania following his deportation and changed his name legitimately with the Romanian authorities. He was given a new ID card in his new name and reentered the UK under that new identity. Advenus alerted neighbourhood teams that the individual was in breach of a Deportation Order and posed a risk. He was recognised by an officer who had seen the Advenus bulletins and subsequently deported again.

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