Latest Modern Slavery Statistics for Greater Manchester

The Modern Slavery Coordination Unit (MSCU) was established in March 2015. Prior to this time the knowledge and extent of modern slavery within Greater Manchester was largely unknown. As a result, one of the focuses of the Unit is to identify what modern slavery looks like within Greater Manchester and capture some key statistics to help track how things change over time and develop our understanding of this complex and evolving issue. The aim of this section is to provide an insight to professionals and the public. Feel free to use the contact section if you have any questions or suggestions as to what is provided here.

A trend that can be clearly identified from the figures is that numbers are increasing year on year in relation to modern slavery in Greater Manchester. However care should be taken when making sense of figures and what they tell us. This does not necessarily mean that modern slavery is increasing in Greater Manchester, indeed professional judgement would suggest that it isn't. A more plausible explanation is that as we understand modern slavery more and raise awareness both professionally and within the community our detection of modern slavery will improve and so numbers of cases will increase whilst this happens.

Official Home Office Coded Modern Slavery Crimes

Prior to Modern Slavery Coordination Unit (MSCU)


Official Home Office Coded Modern Slavery Crimes 

Correct to 01/06/2021

Greater Manchester number of combined NRM and DTN figures

The NRM and DTN is the official nationally recognised system for identifying a victim of modern slavery. The figures before includes all referrals made by either the police or other first responders for victims of modern slavery in the Manchester area (excluding UKVI NRMs for exploitation outside of Manchester)

Correct to 01/06/2021


Partner Update - Justice & Care

Below you will find some end of year comparisons for Greater Manchester based on our official figures. Before this however I would like to direct you to a recent piece of work by one of our Challenger partners, Justice & Care. Justice & Care are a charity that help rescue victims of modern slavery and trafficking. Their newly published report suggests that the official numbers of modern slavery victims in the UK may be significantly higher than what has currently been identified! This is a very interesting read and highlights just how far we still need to go to understand the complexities of victims of modern slavery and trafficking in the UK today. Click the link below to find out more! 

Justice & Care: What is the true scale of modern slavery in the UK?

Image:Justice & Care

Greater Manchester Modern Slavery End of Year comparisons

If you have any queries about data and intelligence on modern slavery or would like discuss data sharing feel free to contact -

Please note:

  • These figures do not include UKVI or Other First Responder NRMs which relate to exploitation outside of Greater Manchester. This would skew Greater Manchester figures and highlights an important variation than official National Statistics. If those NRMs were included the figures would be higher. Please use the contact section below if you have any questions over statistics.
  • No Other Agency NRM data available prior to 2015.
  • GMP = Greater Manchester Police.
  • HO Crimes = Official Home Office recorded modern slavery crimes.

Latest Media on Greater Manchester Modern Slavery / Figures

County Lines Week of Action - May 2021

Manchester Evening News (MEN) Article - November 2020

About Manchester Article  - October 2020

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